Infab 基础减震材料用于减震

名称:Infab 基础减震材料用于减震

Infab 基础减震材料用于减震

Fabreeka Infab减震块 是由压模弹性块制成。其本身经过研制成具高承载低频减震能力。Infab 减震块可应用在重机具,建筑物,测量机与 的轧钢机大混凝土基础块下。

Fabreeka Infab "T" 型号减震块有两种不同类型以提 供给不同混凝土模板承载力的选择。



Infab isolators may be supplied as individual units (blocks) or as isolation panels to facilitate ease of installation.

Infab isolation panels can be designed to have natural frequencies from 7.0 Hz to 10.0 Hz (6% damping) by custom designing the physical size and thickness of the isolators.

Type 1T and 2T isolators support loads from 800 lbs (3,600 kg) to 2,500 lbs (1,125 kg) each and have natural frequencies of 6.0 Hz to 9.0 Hz, with damping in the range of 2% to 6%.

The InfabTM "T" series isolator's unique design utilizes a steel coil spring inside oil/ozone resistant neoprene. The spring portion of the isolator provides a low natural frequency, while the elastomeric/neoprene portion provides damping.

The prefabricated InfabTM isolation panels are supplied to the job site marked per the supplied layout drawings, so that preparation on site is kept to a minimum. The panels with isolators attached are designed by Fabreeka® engineers who calculate the required support span distance between isolators based on the total supported load.